The Fleshtones and Devon Welsh of Majical Cloudz

  • Episode: 51
  • In the final episode of Low Times, Maggie Serota sits down with Peter Zaremba and Keith Streng on The Fleshtones and Daniel Ralston talks to Devon Welsh of the duo Majical Cloudz.
LowTimes Episode 051

The Good, The Bad, and The Novelty: PART TWO, THE BAD: A Fate Worse Than Christmas Carols

    Let me start by saying that I applaud any artist for bothering to write an original Christmas song. In researching this piece, I came upon cover after lazy cover of Christmas standards by popular artists. It’s generally the easy, lazy route into getting December airplay. So three cheers for anyone who goes to the trouble of actually writing a new song. But this piece can’t be over that easily. Christmas music, more than any other category of music,… Continue»

The Good, The Bad, and The Novelty: PART ONE, THE GOOD: Surviving December With A Song In My Heart

    “Ugh, Christmas music” is the new “airline food, amirite?” or “booooo telemarketers” as far as things to be annoyed by go. However,  Christmas music isn’t exactly a narrowly defined genre; though we still tend to hear the same twenty-five songs in stores and on the radio every year, there’s a whole wide world out there of songs pertaining to that specific holiday. The cool thing about modern technology (such as tape decks) is that you can listen to… Continue»

For Those About to Read, We Salute You: Autobiography: Notable Quotable

The U.S. doesn’t get the long awaited Morrissey Autobiography until December 3rd, but that didn’t stop me from ordering it from the UK. God forbid I wait an extra few months to read 457 pages of petty sniping and impotent rage. Before I talk about the book, allow me to present a smattering of my favorite quotes, without context or chronological order.   A tattoo means I am always there – even when people shower my words or pasty face… Continue»

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