Bonus Venn Diagram

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Venn Diagrams: A Rock Exploration

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We love a chart, graph and diagram here at Low Times.  Here is a quick look at the intersection between one thing and another thing as they pertain to the world of rock and roll music.  If you’d like to send some of these our way, feel free to hit us up @lowtimes on Twitter. (format the tweets like this: Left- Hysterical idea. Right – Different hysterical idea. Center: Punchline)  The best one wins a Low Times t-shirt.

Low Times Internal Memo: Scum Rock Index

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This is the kind of rudimentary document that floats around Low Times Headquarters.  It is not a determination of “good” or “bad”, merely an attempt to rank an artist based on the amount of Scum Rock or Wuss Rock in their sound while also factoring in whether they shred or play slow-ass jams.  Where do your favorite bands fall on this spectum? Let us know @lowtimes on Twitter.

Who Wore It Better ?- Musician Edition

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“Who Wore It Better?”  is a staple of the gossip magazines and blogs, but we are taking it in a new direction by comparing the classic looks of some of your favorite musicians. First up, Bret Michaels vs. a dog dressed as a fortune teller.     Henry Rollins vs. Lt. Dangle     Brian Johnson of AC/DC vs. Grover Dill from A Christmas Story     Mumford & Sons vs. A dude in a barrel   Steven Tyler’s mic… Continue»

Worst Lyrics: Christmas Edition

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Earlier this year, Low Times went in search of the worst lyric of all time. That search led us to the story of a baby. Well, a placenta. Now it is time to turn our attention to the baby Jesus, who is celebrating a birthday next week. Big birthday shoutout to Jesus. His Facebook wall will be packed on Tuesday. Christmas songs aren’t scrutinized very often. However, a look through Ye Olde Songbook reveals a running theme; the opportunity for a… Continue»

Tonight: See 2/3 Of The Low Times Crew Live In New York City

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 Oh, hi. Daniel here. This evening, at Le Poisson Rouge in the West Village, I’ll be participating in an event called The Soundtrack Series. It is a live show/podcast created by Dana Rossi (above) that is about something close to our hearts here at Low Times, the way that a particular song can impact your life.  Soundtrack Series has garnered a ton of critical praise from the likes of The New York Times (a newspaper), The New Yorker (a magazine),… Continue»

List: Which Thanksgiving Dish Is Your Favorite Indie Rocker?

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    C’mon, now.  You think we’d do something  like that?  We’ll be back next week with TWO  new episodes  Gobble, The Low Times Crew 

Design The Worst Band Shirt Ever – The 31 Finalists

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The Best of The Worst! Thanks to all who submitted their art for this insanely popular contest (over 1,000 submissions)!                                                            

Contest: Design The Worst Band Shirt Ever

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FINALISTS ANNOUNCED! The other day, while watching Good Will Hunting for the 37th time (how ’bout THEM apples), I saw a commercial for It’s a website where you can make a (shitty) personalized t-shirt for your softball team, family reunion, or…I don’t know, your other softball team.  You choose the shirt style, the font, and one of their thousands of public domain images to complete your design.  Here is where you come in. We would like you to submit… Continue»

Horror Business: Rock and Roll Halloween Costumes

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For many, Halloween is a chance to step outside the comforts of everyday life and explore a darker side of their personality. For others, it is a chance to hastily buy some polyester garbage and call it a “Rock and Roll” costume.  As an actual music fan, it can be painful to see your straight-laced peers dressed up as Axl Rose or “Punk Rocker”. Here are a few costumes we found while combing the internet: I know pro athletes look… Continue»