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Last week NPR intern Austin Cooper reviewed Public Enemy’s seminal masterpiece “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back”. His dismissal of this groundbreaking work and his tone deaf assessment drew ire from the critical community. Low Times was able to acquire Austin’s notebook and glimpse at a few of his upcoming reviews for other classic albums.

Here are a few excerpts:

Joni Mitchell – Blue

Generally speaking, I am not that into girl singers. I did like that cotton commercial song by The New Girl. Although my experience with singer-songwriter music is limited, I thought I might like this. Boy, was I wrong. It sounds so…Canadian. Then there is this song “River”. It is like a Christmas song or something. It is JULY, lady!

Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run

The first time I heard Bruce Springsteen it was in a truck commercial I think. “This is our country” the song went.  Now I only stream stuff on Netflix, so I don’t see commercials anymore but I can thank Springsteen for my first exposure to Country music.  I asked the Senior Staff at NPR which album was the most seminal; Springsteen’s “Born To Run,” “Digital Ash In a Digital Urn” by Bright Eyes or “Hell Freezes Over” by The Eagles. After much debate, I settled on Born To Run. I start out with the title track because I have no patience. What is this?!  He sounds like a caricature of a construction worker. It sounds like a ’57 Chevy and I want a 2012 Chevy Silverado (extended cab).

Pink Floyd – The Wall

This guy is a little more my speed. I like the parts where it gets kinda electronic-y and sounds like early Skrillex or like that Clams Casino mixed tape I copped last week. I say copped now. I would definitely listen to this on Spotify, through the speakers built into my laptop.

The Clash – London Calling

I googled this song and found out it was written for the upcoming Olympics Games in London.  The front cover has a guy smashing a guitar on it. I’d like to do that with my guitar, but my guitar is just a tab I keep open in GarageBand. Wait a second. This says it came out in the 70′s! These guys are as old as my Grampy! My Grampy is old and his skin is wrinkled. This record scares me like Grampy.

Bob Dylan – Highway 61 (Revisited)

This literally came out 25 years before I was born. What am I supposed to do with this? Do I need one of those record players with a horn on the end of it to play this?

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