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The other day, while watching Good Will Hunting for the 37th time (how ’bout THEM apples), I saw a commercial for CustomInk.com. It’s a website where you can make a (shitty) personalized t-shirt for your softball team, family reunion, or…I don’t know, your other softball team.  You choose the shirt style, the font, and one of their thousands of public domain images to complete your design. 

Here is where you come in. We would like you to submit the WORST POSSIBLE design for the band of your choice.  Here are a few examples:

Here is how you enter:

Go to customink.com/lab

  1. Add your text (the band of your choice)
  2. Add artwork from their collection of truly awful choices
  3. Click “Save Design”
  4. In the “Name Design” section write “LowTimes” (no space between words)
  5. For “Your Email Address” write your email address. Then, forward your confirmation email from CustomInk to Daniel@lowtimespodcast.com 

We’ll choose a winner next week. This fabulous prize is on the line. Good luck designing! 

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