January 26, 2012  |   By

On the podcast, a common topic concerns the bands guests were members of back in high school. This is always fun area to tread because most of us didn’t have the best taste back in our musical salad days. Case in point, one of Daniel’s high school bands covered Bush’s “Machinehead.” My high school band wasn’t much better, although I’m not sure 3 hours in a basement with a bunch of friends and my shitty Ibanez really counted as a band. All we managed to do with a bass and three guitars was play three power chords while chanting “Cherry Hill sucks.” That was my unnamed band’s contribution to the craft of songwriting. Perhaps the most innovative moment happened when my friends pinned me down on a ping pong tables and stick the end of an amp cable into my braces in the hopes of creating some wicked distortion. You can imagine my surprise when Genesis P-Orridge put out the resulting static as a Psychic TV record shortly thereafter.

Low Times guest Dan Friel didn’t just talk about his high school band, he sent me some actual songs from his ridiculously named outfit Squidlaunch. Unlike most people’s high school bands, Squidlaunch actually got to play a set on a radio station. Way to fuck up the curve for the rest of the class, Friel. Show off.

Anyway, here’s some brutal hardcore from when Squidlaunch played WFMU back in 1995.

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