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We are in the middle of our Worst Lyrics of All Time contest on LowTimesPodcast.com. To mark the occasion, Low Times co-hosts Tom Scharpling and Daniel Ralston asked Ted Leo and DC Pierson to stop by to talk about it. Along the way, Ted gives us some insight into the writing process, DC tells us some of his least favorite lyrics, and everyone comes to the conclusion that this contest will come down to a battle between a placenta and “a black dude named Elmo.”

Ted Leo is the singer, songwriter a guitarist in Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. He has had many conversations with Tom Scharpling over the years, this is the only one in which he shares his thoughts on dolphin masturbation.

DC Pierson is an actor, writer, comedian and occasionally raps along side his Derrick Comedy partner Donald Glover. In this podcast, he goes to bat pretty hard for “…that book by Nabakov.”

Tom Scharpling and Daniel Ralston are 2/3 of Low Times, along with Maggie Serota.

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