October 9, 2012  |   By

3rd eye blind Since the holidays are right around the corner, here’s a gift idea that is slightly better than that gift basket of lotion you carelessly grab off the display at The Body Shop. Or, you can take 250 dollars and just rip it up right in front of the recipient’s eyes. That’ll work too.

Facebook Wall Post

Personalized for you or a friend.


Got a special birthday or anniversary coming up? Let me help you celebrate with a shout-out on Facebook. Could be for you, a friend or a family member.

Tell me about the occasion and the recipient and I’ll craft a memorable post for the whole world, or at least all of Facebook, to see. 


You tell me the desired date for the post, the occassion,[sic] the recipient and any helpful notes and I’ll craft a personalized post Post will be made by me, Stephan Jenkins, from the Third Eye Blind Facebook page

The Fine Print

While you can suggest a theme for the post or even write some example wording, the final text of the post is ultimately at Stephan’s sole discrection.[sic]

There’s no better way to let everyone in your social network know that you can’t be trusted with money. Also, for 250 bucks, let’s hope Stephan discovers spell check before posting that meticulously crafted greeting.

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