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We frequently hear that our guests are funny, engaging, and great storytellers. We also hear that our listeners would like to get to know the music of our guests. After all, that is the reason we invited them on to begin with. In “The Low Times Guide to:” we are going to introduce you to the music of our guests with classic tracks, hidden gems, and our personal favorites from their catalog.

In my interview with Jennifer O’Connor, she spoke candidly about her time on Matador Records and the difficulties they had “fitting” her into a particular niche of the indie rock world. Her versatility and raw emotion might appeal to some fans of classic singer/songwriter stuff, but her sonic detours and “feels-like-she-is-singing-directly-in-your-ear” style is a blueprint for the “small but loyal” fan base.

To that, I say “fuck it.” Jennifer is writing the kind of songs people ate up in large quantities in the 70s. She specializes in true and honest lyrics delivered in economical, catchy pop tunes. Do they get sad sometimes? Yes. Does life? Yes. Did I read that off the back of a book called “Help Yourself Be Happy”? Possibly.

Here are a few songs from Jennifer O’Connor’s catalog to get you started:

You can’t beat this. Jennifer is streaming her entire new record on her SoundCloud page. Listen to it now, and then buy it.

Other  tracks:


Here is a link to a live performance of Jennifer on Jon Solomon’s radio show on WPRB (Princeton) in 2009.  Her set consists of all covers. (Jonathan Richman, REM, Kim Fowley, etc)

Second link from the top: WPRB Live Performance


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